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Interviewed by Trinity Member Craig Dunham

Interviews with real people about real grace from our real Savior.



Catherine Aubrecht

Trinity staff member Catherine Aubrecht shares her powerful story of gospel redemption after three abortions. This hour-long interview is worth every minute of a listen as a heartfelt discussion of the challenges facing those who become unexpectedly pregnant and don't feel they have any other options.

Nick & Craig

Nick Ross-Dick

Trinity deacon Nick Ross talks about his Native American heritage, how he grew up on a reservation, and what he does working with indigenous students on the MSU campus. Nick also shares how he came to Christ and serves at Trinity Church.

Lynlea and Craig (bw)

Lynlea Hart

Trinity member Lynlea Hart offers her experience as an adoptive mother of two and her insights into how Trinity and the worldwide Church can continue to come alongside mother and baby alike for the sake of life.


Joe, Peaches, Craig
Mike and Craig (BW)

Joe Pravetz

Trinity Church member Joe Pravetz spent 30 years as a New Jersey policeman and forensic detective. He talks about his police force work, the dead-end of trying to live a “good” life, and God’s gentle but relentless pursuit culminating in his coming to Christ at the age of 60 (he’s now 80).


Mike Woodberry

During his four years as a Montana State University Bobcat, Trinity Church member Mike Woodberry had to work harder than most to overcome his smaller size and bouts with multiple injuries, eventually starting at linebacker his junior and senior years and earning a full ride scholarship and accolades most would have not picked him to win. It was during this time that Mike also came to faith in Jesus Christ.