Ancient Faith, Fresh Encounter!

We strive to worship in a way that integrates the richness of our heritage and the relevance of the Gospel in our ever-changing culture.

Ancient Faith

We sing hymns that connect us with our ancient faith because when we ignore historic forms, we break our solidarity with Christians of the past and we lose the richness of our identity as Christians saved into a historic people that spans the generations. A willingness to consult the wisdom of the ancient church, martyrs, and reformers reflects both Christian humility and Christian community.

Fresh Encounter

But the Bible also calls us to express the timeless truths of the Gospel in a timely way that connects with the people of our generation. We seek to maintain this balance by singing the old, classic hymns of the faith along with newer songs with beautiful tunes and robust theology.

Music Team

We are proud of our music team at Trinity Church. However, we also enjoy giving new people a chance to use their musical gifts. If you are interested in trying out to be a part of the worship team, please contact Anya at anya@trinitybozeman.org.