Arts and Culture

Transformation (Cru Arts and Culture)-- Jesse & Elaine Greenwood


Jesse and Elaine Greenwood work with a ministry under Cru Arts and Culture called Transform. Transform is a community of professional artists seeking to wrestle with the deep questions of art, faith and culture. Transform exists to equip and empower artists to authentically represent Christ in the world of art by providing them with space and time to pursue legitimate presences in their creative industries. 

Jesse and Elaine initially moved to Mojave Desert of Joshua Tree to start an Artist-in-Residency program. Since then, they have prayerfully decided to relocate to the Sonoran Desert of Tucson, where they will continue serving with Transform by engaging with Tucson’s artists and culture while establishing an Artist-in-Residency program. This residency will serve as an artistic retreat center for artists, providing them with space and time to create within the context of a rich, Christ-following community. Jesse and Elaine continue to pursue excellence and exposure in their artistic fields. Jesse is an oil painter, and Elaine is an interdisciplinary artist, working primarily in ceramics, violin, writing and most recently, textiles. 

“A Christian should use these arts to the glory of God, not just as tracts, mind you but as things of beauty to the praise of God. An artwork can be a doxology in itself.”   Francis Schaeffer