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Sermons & Classes

Most Recent Sermons

The Crossroads of Faith (Genesis 23:1-20)

Changing the Narrative (Psalm 73)

No One is Concerned About Me (1 Samuel 22:6-23)

The Abraham Almost Killed Isaac, Part 2 (Genesis 22:1-14)

The Fear-Driven Life (1 Samuel 21:8-22:5)

Sermon Series

Genesis 12-25: Abraham: A Journey of Faith

Ecclesiastes: Life Under the Sun

1 Samuel: A King After God’s Own Heart

Acts: Empowered for Witness

Rethinking Your Life

Genesis 1-11: In Search of Eden

Discipleship Classes

Christian Basics

Orphaned and Alone: Making of the Modern Self

Moral Imagination

Tech-Wise Christianity

Church History 101

The Lord of the Rings