Horizon 2021: Os Guinness

Petra Academy 4720 Classical Way, Bozeman

In his brand new book, ‘The Magna Carta of Humanity’, Os Guinness says, ‘Freedom flourishes in a high-trust society and degenerates in a low-trust society.’ He later states, ‘...(the) basic operating method (of postmodernism) is suspicion because suspicion is the best way to protect against the power moves of others...A culture of suspicion raises ever…

$10 – $30

Classical Guitar Concert

Petra Academy 4720 Classical Way, Bozeman

Classical Guitar Concert feat. Stephanie Jones, Classical Guitarist Tentatively Planned for Fall 2021 - Date TBA God has filled this world with beauty. As image-bearers of God, we are invited to create, celebrate, and enjoy beauty.  Toward this end, we are bringing in Stephanie Jones, one of the most acclaimed young classical guitarists in the…