Growth Groups

Each of us needs a circle of friends that know us, care for us, and will walk with us through the joys, challenges and complexities of life. During Growth Groups, we gather in homes one time per week to reflect upon practical ways that the Bible applies to our lives, to pray with and for one another, and to simply enjoy sharing life together. Our hope is that everyone who considers themselves a part of Trinity Church will participate in a Growth Group.

For information on a Growth Group, contact one of the leaders listed below.


Hamling Growth Group, 4:30 PM bi-weekly, childcare. Call Jeff (624-6137)

Herron Growth Group, 4:30 PM 1st, 2nd & 3rd Sunday, childcare 2nd & 3rd Sunday only. Call Scott (580-2358)

Stohlmann Growth Group, 4:30 PM bi-weekly, dinner, childcare. Call Beth (539-2089)

Hill Growth Group, 6:30 PM weekly. Call Lois (600-8845)


Men’s Accountability Group, 7 PM bi-weekly. Call Nic Bryce (548-1438)


Men’s Bible Study, 6:30 AM. Call Chuck Kendrick (587-3483)  Starts 09/18.

Women’s Rediscovering Intimacy in Marriage, 7 PM bi weekly. Call Joy (451-6235)

Women’s Pursuing Sexual Purity (single or married), 7 PM bi weekly. Joy (451-6235)


High School Youth Group (9-12 gr.), 7 PM. Call Scott (580-2358)

Kinney Growth Group, 7 PM, 2nd/4th Weds. Call Marilyn (690-1142)

Heller Growth Group, 7 PM bi-weekly. Call Alyssa (599-3676)

Women’s Psalms Study, 7 PM bi-weekly. Call Kathy (581-2797)

College/Career, 7:30 PM. Call Rex (599-1581) or Lynlea (217-2851)

Valeriano Growth Group, 6:30 PM. Call Frank & Pat (973-650-1643)


Women’s Christian Classics Study, 2 PM, monthly. Call Lois (600-8845)

Bradshaw Growth Group, 6:30 PM, childcare. Call Emily (570-8702)

Handley Growth Group, 6:30 PM, bi-weekly, dinner, childcare. Call Taylor (600-6794)

Kelly Growth Group, 7 PM bi-weekly. Call Mike & Julie (580-7941)

Koenen Growth Group, 7:15 PM. Call Catherine (556-2192)

Phillips Growth Group, 7 PM, Call John (404-5290)

Women’s Bible Study, 7:15 PM, bi-weekly. Call Annmarie (600-3131)

Women’s Divorced/Difficult Marriage, 7:15 PM. Call Kirsten (570-6061)


Women’s Bible Study, 9:30 AM, childcare. Call Annmarie (600-3131)

Woodberry/Stumbo Growth Group, 6 PM bi-weekly, dinner. Call Jim (719-684-3204)

Jr High Youth Group, (6-8 gr.), 7 PM. Select Fridays. Call Scott (580-2358)

(Below: Members of the Rowe Growth Group at a Work Day at YAA Camp)