CD Lending Library

CD Lending Library

One of our Trinity Church members is a graduate of Regent College, an international Christian school of graduate studies in Vancouver, BC. Regent College is internationally known for the excellence of its faculty and occasional lecturers, including theologians J.I. Packer, Gordon Smith, James K.A. Smith, John Stott, and N.T. Wright, Old Testament scholar Iain Provan, The Message author Eugene Peterson, poet Malcolm Guite, New York Times columnist Ross Douthat, musician Michael Card, and Christianity Today editor Andy Crouch.

The CDs, CD sets, MP3s and DVDs on this list include some single lectures and some full-length graduate courses on the Bible and other theological topics. They are available for Trinity Church attendees to borrow.

Contact kathygillin@hotmail.com to ask to borrow a CD or CD set, and to arrange to pick it up at church. Single CDs will be due in two weeks. CD sets may be checked out for one month.

Recordings marked * are particularly recommended.


CD SETS: Christian Thought and Culture

*Iain Provan and Guests: Christian Thought and Culture I, Vol. 1 (11 CDs), Vol. 2 (11 CDs) NOTE: CTC was the flagship course required of all students and a prerequisite for many other Regent College courses

*Maxine Hancock and Guests: Christian Thought and Culture II, Vol. 1 (11 CDs), Vol. 2 (11 CDs) See note above.


CD SETS: Various Lecturers

*James Houston, Gordon Fee, J.I. Packer, Kerry Dearborn, Jeremy Begbie – “Each One Dwells,” audio journal. Topic: Relationships – 1 CD

*Maxine Hancock, James Houston, J.I. Packer, Margaret Somerville – Regent Conference on Aging 2012 – 7 CDs

*Father Lawrence Farley, Bruce Hindmarsh, Loren Wilkinson – Saving Civilization: Christianity after the Fall of Rome – 3 CDs

*Hans Boersma, Ross Douthat, Peter Leithart, Iwan Russell-Jones, James K.A. Smith – Faith and Politics in a Fractured World – 8 CDs

NT Wright – Creation and New Creation in the New Testament – 4 CDs

NT Wright – Christian Hope in a Postmodern World – 3 CDs

NT Wright and Marcus Borg – A Conversation on the Historical Jesus – 4 CDs


CD FORMAT: Full-length graduate level courses

Jeremy Begbie – Theology Transposed: Rediscovering the Gospel Through the Arts – 10 CDs

Albert Borgmann – The Lure of Technology – 6 CDs

Oliver Crisp – Christological Questions: Issues in Contemporary Christology, Vol. 1 (10 CDs), Vol. 2 (10 CDs)

*Gordon Fee: New Testament Survey, Vol. 1 (11 CDs), Vol. 2 (10 CDs)

Maxine Hancock – Jesus in Literature, Vol. 1 (11 CDs), Vol. 2 (11 CDs)

Jennie McLaurin – Faithful Medicine: Bioethics and Christian Thought – 8 CDs

*Iain Provan – Old Testament Foundations, Vol. 1 (11 CDs), Vol. 2 (12 CDs)

Iain Provan – Biblical Hermeneutics, Vol. 1 (12 CDs), Vol. 2 (12 CDs)

Iain Provan – Daniel: Living With Beastly Empires, Vol. 1 (10 CDs), Vol. 2 (10 CDs)

*Iain Provan – Psalms: an Old Testament Book Study, Vol. 1 (12 CDs), Vol. 2 (12 CDs)

*Gordon Smith – The Meaning of the Sacraments, Vol. 1 (10 CDs), Vol. 2 (10 CDs)

*John Toews – History of Christianity I: From the End of the New Testament Era to the Reformation, Vol. 1 (12 CDs), Vol. 2 (12 CDs)

Rikk Watts – Life of Jesus, Vol. 1 (9 CDs), Vol. 2 (9 CDs), Vol. 3 (9 CDs)

Rikk Watts – New Testament Foundations, Vol. 1 (12 CDs), Vol. 2 (12 CDs)

*Sarah Williams – History of Christianity II: Reformation to Present, Vol. 1 (11 CDs), Vol. 2 (11 CDs)


CD FORMAT: Single lectures, brief workshops, or one-hour CDs

Hans Boersma – Heavenly Desire: Blessed Christ, Blessed Virgin, Blessed Peter – 3 CDs

Lynn Cohick – Women in the Ancient [Roman] World – 1 CD

Larry Crabb – Discovering Our Desire for God – 1 CD

*Andy Crouch – Rediscovering Our Creative Calling – 2 CDs

Gordon Fee, J.I. Packer, Eugene Peterson, Bruce Waltke – Women in Church Leadership – 1 CD

Craig Gay – Dialogue: The Heart that Beats at the Center of Life – 1 CD

Os Guinness – The Wise Art of Giving – 1 CD

Malcolm Guite – The Word Made Flesh: Christ and the Imagination – 2 CDs

Alister McGrath – Has Science Killed God? – 1 CD

*J.I. Packer – C.S. Lewis: The Man From Narnia – 1 CD

J.I. Packer – Approaching Roman Catholicism: An Evaluation of the Protestant-Catholic Divide – 1 CD

J.I. Packer – Finishing Well (On the Occasion of his 80th Birthday) – 1 CD

Luci Shaw – Reversing Entropy – How Story Helps Shape the World – 1 CD

Eugene Peterson – John, Creation, and the Bible – 1 CD

Gordon Smith – Discerning Vocation: The Courage to Be All that We Are Called to Be – 2 CDs

John Stackhouse – Why God Didn’t Make You More Beautiful Than You Are – and Iain Provan – What’s the Use of the Old Testament Anyway – 1 CD, 2 half-hour lectures

John Stackhouse – How to Be Both Biblical & Feminist – If You Want to Be – 1 CD

John Stott – Jesus: Human and Divine – 1 CD

John Stott – The Ministry of Women – 1 CD

John Stott – The Whereabouts of God – 1 CD

Bruce Waltke – Hermeneutics of Dispensationalism – 1 CD

Loren Wilkinson – Creation Care – 1 CD



Maxine Hancock – Spiritual Pilgrimage: Image and Experience – MP3, 24 hours

Celebration Weekend Lectures: Eugene Peterson (One Person’s Harvest from Regent [College]), John Stackhouse (What in the World are We Doing?), Ross Hastings (The Missional God: Pursued and Pursuing), Paul Williams & Rikk Watts (Following Jesus in the Marketplace), Iain Provan & Phil Long (The Invention of Ancient Israel), Bob Derrenbacker (Relationship among the Gospels), Darrell Johnson (So What is Supposed to Happen in Preaching?), Sarah Williams (Historian as Bard & Prophet) – MP3



N.T. Wright – Jesus and the Victory of God – 4 DVDs

John Stott – The Book of Romans, Ch. 1-8 – 10 DVDs

Michael Card – Christ and the Creative Process – 5 DVDs



Madeleine L’engle – Wellspring of the Creative Spirit – 16 cassettes