Community Life

We view relationships and community as being essential to a healthy, meaningful life. As image-bearers of God, we simply cannot escape the fact that we are most satisfied in life when we share it with others. There are over 34 “one-another” commands in the New Testament alone. For example, we are called to serve one another, carry one another’s burdens, encourage one another, confess our sins to one another, and offer hospitality to one another.

Here at Trinity Church we believe that community is best experienced by attending one of our growth groups, serving with others in one of our ministries, or just connecting while doing the things we love. We invite you to explore the opportunities for community involvement listed on the menu above. Also see the Event Calendar for upcoming services, meetings, classes and events.

Visit our Vimeo page to see videos from Trinity Church events.


There are two apps the Trinity Church family uses which make connecting and serving easier: a directory app and a ministry scheduler app.

Access the Trinity Directory with photos on your phone using the directory app – call or text directly from the app. You can access the directory online or from your iPhone, iPad, Android or Kindle Fire by downloading the free Members App. Search for “Instant Church Directory” in the Apple App Store, Google Play, or Amazon Appstore, or use this link: https://www.instantchurchdirectory.com/appEnter your email address when prompted and a password will be generated and sent to you. Alternately, you can go to https://members.instantchurchdirectory.com/  and choose the “create a login” option using your email address.

With Ministry Scheduler, you can view your Sunday morning serving times in one place across all the ministries, receive reminders and submit your “can’t serve” dates.

Log onto the Web Terminal here: https://www.rotundasoftware.com/ministry/trinitybozeman.
If you have an iOS or Android device, you can also use the free MSP mobile app. Our organization ID for the app is: trinitybozeman.

For questions about or assistance with either app, contact Sarah Storebo (sarah@trinitybozeman.org or 406-581-3301).