At Trinity, we believe in regular pauses from the frenetic pace of life in Bozeman for the purpose of resting in Christ’s finished work on our behalf.  We acknowledge that while we strive greatly in all the endeavors he gifts us to accomplish, our identity and security is in belonging to His Church.  Therefore, our recreation enables us to more energetically live out our callings and glorify our Father.

If you enjoy any of the following activities, we encourage you to call the individuals listed below and find out how you can share your love for recreation with others in our community.

  • Running
  • Fly-Fishing - Bill Gillin 719-337-1822
  • Gardening - Lois Hill 406-600-8845
  • Ladies Hiking - Becky Rassi 406-600-7594
  • Shooting - David Storebo 406-210-3363
  • Mountain Biking
  • Alpine Skiing
  • Nordic Skiing - Jona Verreth (skate) 406-600-4430
  • Backpacking
  • Dirt Biking
  • Basketball
  • Soccer
  • Brewing