Adult Ministries

Growth Groups

Each of us needs a circle of friends that knows us, cares for us, and will walk with us through the joys, challenges and complexities of life.

During Growth Groups, we gather in homes one time per week to reflect upon practical ways that the Bible applies to our lives, to pray with and for one another, and to simply enjoy sharing life together. Our hope is that everyone who considers themselves a part of Trinity Church will participate in a Growth Group.

For information on a Growth Group, contact one of the leaders listed below.

Women's Ministries

Bible Study
The Trinity women's Bible study is a great option for any women interested in studying God's Word in light of the experiences and insight of other women. Every year we choose a book of the Bible to walk through passage by passage, studying it in light of its meaning to the original audience, and its present-day application. We meet during the daytime and evening every other week from mid-Sept to late April, and break for holidays and school vacation. Please contact Annmarie Hamling at 406-600-3131 for more information. Sign up for WBS 2023 here.

We offer a women's mentoring ministry including resources for women desiring to be mentored and for mentors. Please contact Alicia Clark at for more information.

Lois Hill is available as a spiritual friend to meet with women individually to listen for ways that God does or doesn’t show up in their lives. Contact Lois for more information.

Glimpses of Grace
Twice a year the women of Trinity gather to listen to one of our own share her story about how God has written his grace into the pages of her life. It's a wonderful time to find encouragement from the work God is doing in our lives, and to get to know other women in the church in a deeper, more personal way. If you'd like to learn more, please contact Annmarie Hamling.

Psalm Study
Kathy Gillin’s women's Psalms group uses discussion/meditation questions from the InterVarsity book This Morning With God to informally discuss one psalm every other week, then pray for each others' concerns. Currently, we meet via Zoom in order to honor several members' health/transportation issues. Contact Kathy for more information.

Christian Classics Study
Christian Classics’ group purpose is to form hearts and minds into the image of Christ.  We do so by mediating on short readings from Spiritual Classics, edited by Richard Foster.  Authors range from Martin Luther and Thomas a Kempis to Amy Carmichael and Dorothy Sayers.  We meet monthly to process and listen to how the readings have affected us.  We read for formation and not just information; we read with the heart and invite personal transformation. Contact Lois Hill for more information.

Food & Faith
Amy Andrews is available to meet with women to discover God's grace in our relationship with food and body. Has compulsive dieting, exercise, or disordered eating put a damper on your life? Peace of mind with food and body is possible. Contact Amy to set up a special time to talk. She is a chef, writer, and certified lay facilitator of Intuitive Eating founded by Evelyn Tribole MS, RDN, CEDRN.