20s & 30s

20s & 30s Group

A community for young adults, whether in grad school or early career where they meet weekly to grow in the beauty, wisdom, and body of Christ.

Beauty of Christ:  In a season of life when many new interests and pursuits compete for your attention, the 20s & 30s group holds forth the all-surpassing beauty of Jesus Christ.

Wisdom of Christ:  In a season of life with many important, life-shaping decisions, the 20s & 30s group points to the wisdom and relevance of Jesus in all of life.

Body of Christ: In a season of life when many are transient and disconnected, and some even feel lonely and directionless, the 20s & 30s group provides a Christ-centered community to walk beside you. 

Our Wednesday night gatherings focus on prayer and a deep reading and lively discussion of biblical narratives. If you are interested in being on our contact list, email at office@trinitybozeman.org.